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Joint statement by the Nordic youth representatives to the Nordic Prime Ministers

3. mar. 2021

I oktober deltok Elen på møter med ungdomsrepresentanter for alle de nordiske statene, i Stockholm. Målet for møtet var å lage et felles krav til ministerne om miljø og klima.

Under kan man lese hvordan resultatet ble. Denne er kopiert fra https://www.norden.org/da/node/40208

We, the Nordic youth representatives, consider human-caused climate change as one of the greatest challenges of our time. The climate crisis impacts our existence and is the fateful question that our generation unwillingly inherited from the generations before us. It is now our responsibility we have to share and carry together. It requires an unseen degree of collaboration, courage and will across national borders, sectors of society and generations.

It is also one of the greatest opportunities of our time. Global cooperation on a transformation from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources and responsible consumption will provide solutions for us and next generations. The world has shown before that we can stand together to solve the great challenges we face. However, for us it is crucial that the green transition is carried out with the greatest possible social responsibility and consideration of the environment. The work we do to combat climate change, should always be done through the three dimensions of sustainable development.

The UN resolution 2250, and 2419 Youth, peace and security, recognises that young people should be front and center in the important decisions being made right now regarding peace and security in the future. We, the Nordic youth representatives, believe that young people should be ensured active and meaningful participation in the decision and policy making of the Nordic cooperation. Therefore, we demand the Nordic Prime Ministers to include youth and children's associations continously in the realisation of the Agenda 2030.

We, the Nordic youth representatives, urge the Nordic Prime Ministers to take ambitious action to reach the vision for Nordic cooperation. Therefore, we ask that the Nordic countries together:

  • establish a common framework supporting, trading and transferring renewable energy in the region.
  • establish a joint vision and common legal framework for the first regional green flight and shipping zone in the world.
  • create a joint Nordic platform for exchanging information of best-practice solutions on environmental and climate issues.
  • launch a concrete initiative for promoting climate-conscious consumption patterns in the Nordic region.
  • create a joint Nordic action plan for a socially just green transition, where the Nordic region achieves carbon neutrality and circular economy without compromising with social and labor rights, leaving no one behind.
  • ensure that environmental and climate measures are not made at the expense of indigenous land and traditions and act according to ILO 169 in the Nordic cooperation
  • ensure that the Arctic region gets the special attention that it needs concerning climate change and security.
  • create national ambitious action plans on the 2030 Agenda that is supported by the people, grassroots and civil society, and where it is acknowledged that one sustainable aspect cannot exist without the other.
  • advocate that the European Union will prioritize and amplify its climate ambitions and lead the change.
  • include indigenous youth and youth from autonomous regions in influencing climate policy
  • work with representative children’s and youth associations, throughout the beginning until the end of policy-making processes regarding sustainable development
  • ensure a common intergenerational dialogue between children, youth and decisionmakers where we continuously meet and co-create solutions at a national, regional and global level.
  • We, the Nordic youth representatives, also address the demands of the school strikers to:
  • phase out and set an end date for the use of fossil fuels in the Nordic region.
  • stop all search and drilling for oil in the Nordic region.

Barbara Gaardlykke Apol, The Nordic Youth Council

Bicca Olin, Allianssi - The Finnish National Youth Council

Brandar Heðinsson, FUR - The Faroese Youth Council

Chris Preuss, DUF - The Danish Youth Council

Elen Krogh Ravna, Noereh- The Norwegian Sámi Youth Organization

Una Hildardóttir, LUF - The Icelandic Youth Council

Rosaline Marbinah, LSU - Swedish Youth Organisations

Sofie Nordvik, LNU - The Norwegian Children and Youth Council

Simon Holmström, ReGeneration 2030, Åland

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